Named the main characters of fifth season Steven Universe

Steven Universe tv series
In the center of events of the cartoon Steven universe (Steven Universe) chubby boy named Steven. He’s clumsy, but good-natured and sweet boy. He was destined to get into a team of intergalactic warriors. Each representative of the group concluded their stone, which they symbolize: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. It is noteworthy that the warriors three are female.

They also became for Steven new family. Now they will protect and teach the boy to become as good a warrior as they are. Because space evil does not sleep, and therefore should be someone who will give him back. If you like this show and don’t want to be tied for internet connection you can make Steven Universe season 1 download for your home collection.

Some spoilers at video

A prequel to “The Big Bang Theory” got a young Sheldon and his mom

A prequel to “The Big Bang Theory” got a young Sheldon and his mom, a Joint project of CBS and Warner Bros. TV about the childhood of one of the main characters of the popular sitcom is still in development, but the doers of the two key roles have already been revealed.

At the moment Ian, the Hermitage can be seen in the HBO series “Big little lies” in the company of such famous stars as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. In the future, the Hermitage will play a little of Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons ‘ character from the original series.

Creator of “The Mad men” prepares for the Amazon TV series “The Romanovs”

Publicized title and the first details of a secret project of Matthew Weiner that the Creator of “The Mad men” will do under the guise of Amazon. The series will be called The Romanoffs.

As previously stated, “The Romanoffs” will be an anthology of separate stories. Each of the stated eight episodes of the first season will have its own story, unrelated with the others. Unite the narrative will be that they will tell people who consider themselves descendants of the Romanov dynasty.

Weiner is not going to retell the story of the Royal family and through her genealogy, but will devote his show to linking people with their ancestors.